Flash cards to empower from A to Z. Affirmations are a powerful tool to spark self-love, confidence, and positivity. Our first in a series of learning products created for our children to see themselves within. Because representation IS an affirmation.

Shop the Black Girl Magic and Black Boy Joy flash cards for your little ones.

Reimagining Education for Liberation

Culturally affirming learning products for the babies and the village. Black-centered, child-led, and holistic. Liberated Young is an educational freedom initiative that centers homeschool, liberated learning, and mindful parenting.


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    What a difference a year can make. Last November around this time, my daughter turned two years old. Like most of us now, I was deep on the search to find the perfect gifts to celebrate her birthday and third Christmas. I was trying to find intentional gifts for her. Things that were made for…
  • The Power of Daily Affirmations
    I was well into adulthood when I started to use daily affirmations. Though I can’t tell you when exactly I began or even when I had the language “affirmation” to describe the positive self-talk, I can tell you now that daily affirmations are an essential part of my life. What you say to and about…
  • What I Want My Free Black Child to Know
    Back to school season is upon us. And while I’d tell you that we–as a homeschool family, but you and your children too–are learning all day, every day, back to school season is the time where we think about the upcoming “school year” and plan how we want to go about this liberated learning life. …