Our Mission

Liberated Young is an educational freedom initiative. We create learning products, materials, and content that affirms and empowers Black children and families.

We believe in liberated learning which, for us, means educational experiences that are child-led, Black-centered, and holistic. Our mission is to help parents, educators, aunties, uncles, and “the village”, create those environments for the young people in their lives. 

While our approach and products are relevant for anyone, our focus is Black youth and families. We’re reimagining education. Redefining what it looks like and what it doesn’t. And most importantly, we’re choosing and creating something different for us.

Our Story

My journey into motherhood began in 2008. Less than a decade later, I found myself unlearning and unraveling everything I had come to believe about raising Black children. When I made the decision to withdraw my son from public school in 2017, I had no idea that it would be the thread that would unravel it all. What I anticipated would be a temporary salve for a challenging school year was the start of a journey that would change our family’s lives forever. 

That was four years ago. And since then, our family has gone from homeschooling one young person to two. From curriculums that mirrored our public school experiences to a more child-led approach. From reluctant homeschoolers to liberated learners. 

We started by taking back control of children’s education. Then gradually moved onto deschooling ourselves. That eventually evolved into centering our Blackness and letting our children lead the way. 

Liberated Young began as a study of Black education, an understanding of where we’ve been, where we are, and what our children need now—and quickly expanded into a more holistic resource for children and families. In February 2020 we launched the ABC Affirmations Flash Cards, the first of our culturally affirming learning products and the beginning of what we imagine Liberated Young can become. A community initiative. A resource. An example. A dedicated space for parents, educators, and people to reimagine education. A space for liberation.

About the Founder

Hi! I’m Tyshia.

Writer, advocate, and half of the husband-wife team behind Liberated Young. I’m passionate about alternative education and I’ve spent the last five years sharing our family’s perspective, experiences, and all the things I’ve learned and am learning along the way. My words on mindful parenting, homeschool, and liberation have been featured on Motherly, Vox, Business Insider, Successful Black Parenting, and more. I started Liberated Young as a freedom study of Black education. Today this space exists as a community initiative for parents, educators, and people who want to get free.