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The road less traveled is never easy, but you don’t have to go it alone. One of the most meaningful parts of this journey has been connecting with women ahead of me who have been able to offer counsel, insight, and expertise. I know how difficult it was, especially in those early days, trying to find a way to navigate all the information, make sense of my own feelings, and then try to figure out how to put everything I was learning and discovering about homeschool into practice with my own children. 

My hope is that I can be the person/mentor/friend I wish I had in the beginning, and the one who helped me along the way once I found them for someone else. 

Whether you’re simply curious about what’s out there beyond school and want to have a transparent discussion with someone who feels you or you’re deep in the trenches of your own schooling transition and need some support as you navigate this path, I’d love to sit down and work through those moments with you. 

Clarity Conversation | 30 mins | $45

For curious parents or those frustrated with conventional schooling

So often, I talk to parents who are feeling the limitations of school. They’re curious about what else is out there and may even know a bit about homeschool or unschooling, but simply want to know more. What’s it really like? How would they actually do it? I’m always sharing and answering questions about what it looks like for us, here and on social media, but the personal conversations are my favorite and most helpful for parents. Sit down with me (virtually) and let’s talk about it. Ask me anything, tell me what you’re thinking about, or discuss what you’re struggling with. I’ll share what I’ve learned through my personal experiences, community, and research to help. 

Discovery Session | 2 hrs* | $250

For new homeschoolers or parents transitioning out of school

The discovery session is all about discovering the who, what, and how of your journey. We’ll:

  • Identify your homeschool/education goals
  • Discuss your personal philosophies, values, + beliefs
  • Address any potential challenges + solutions
  • Review resources, tools, and tips
  • Co-create a homeschool roadmap for your family

The goal of this session is to uncover your own intentions and help you feel more equipped and supported as you begin your homeschool journey. Following the session you’ll receive a PDF outlining our discoveries and your personal roadmap.

*The discovery session can be (1) two hour session or (2) hour long sessions to fit your schedule.