The Power of Daily Affirmations

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I was well into adulthood when I started to use daily affirmations. Though I can’t tell you when exactly I began or even when I had the language “affirmation” to describe the positive self-talk, I can tell you now that daily affirmations are an essential part of my life.

What you say to and about yourself matters.

So many of us, and I mean us grown folk, are healing from (and sometimes holding on to) messages and beliefs rooted in negativity–whether we’re conscious of it or not. Personally, therapy has illuminated just how poorly I was speaking to myself for so long. I cringe when I play back some of the thoughts and beliefs I held.

Beginning in childhood, the world and the people in it begin to tell us who and what we are, and for us, what they have to say is rarely empowering. From our hair to our skin, our personalities to the way we speak, we’re met with negativity. And without knowing how to or having someone guide us in challenging those messages, they became our truths.

Positive daily affirmations are how we take back our power. It’s how we give our children a foundation rooted in love. Knowing what I know now, it’s not hard to imagine how my confidence, self-esteem, and self-love may have looked a little differently if I had affirmations earlier. If before the negative messages, I already knew I was AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, CONFIDENT, DIVINE…I say it often so it’s no secret, but I created the ABC Affirmations for my daughter as much as I created them for my younger self.

With our children though, we don’t have to imagine. We can see firsthand the power of daily affirmations by starting now, no matter how young, to affirm and empower them every single day.

Baby’s Daily Affirmations

One mama that is doing just that is Ianthia. Her “baby’s daily affirmations” Instagram stories are everything! Watching her share an adorable video as she reads one of the ABC Affirmations flash cards to her daughter each morning has been the most beautiful journey.

The minute she sees me reaching for the stack, she flashes a huge grin and gives a hearty laugh. As I’m reading the card to her, she anxiously pulls for it and points at the little girl, whose hair looks like her hair, whose lips are shaped like her lips and whose skin sparkles in the sun like her skin does.

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Every day Ianthia shares an ABC Affirmation with her daughter (and us too). Some days it’s P is for Power. I am Powerful and proud. I say it loud. Other times it’s U is for Unique. I am Unique. The best thing about me is I’m the only one! Every day she repeats it and makes sure her daughter can see the magical Black girl illustration. It’s always a joy to see her react and reach for the card in excitement! And let me tell you, you can truly see the growth and progress day to day.

I could see a boost in her confidence levels, she’s trying to read the words on the cards, she’s identifying with the Black little girl who she thinks is her friend and I think in years to come, we’ll see these affirmations play out in the form of a self-aware, strong but humble, confident, unbreakable and beautiful Black woman.

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There are no words to describe how it fills my heart to see this! Our daughters, our sons, will have the tools we didn’t. Because there are so many people who are making sure they’re available, and so many parents and village members like you who are making sure the little ones have them. I love that for us.

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